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23 weeks, 5 days.

23 weeks, 5 days #bumpdateSince we were not able to get my previous medical records, the doctors here decided to start all over again with the entire process.

Today I had an ultrasound to pretty much make sure baby is due in August and that everything checks out. They also took what felt like alllll my blood. 💉

Baby measures almost 2 weeks bigger now (baby was about a week larger the first two ultrasounds I had but my previous doctors stuck with the August 30th due date based of my LMP) soooo I’m basically on baby watch all of August because this baby could just be big or my expected due date is off.


TYPICAL. I had this exact same issue with Abel because I honestly never remember my LMP so we’ll see how this plays out. 😂 I had my glucose test done today also and let me just say, that stuff never gets easier to drink.  

Tomorrow I’ll meet with my OB to have a regular checkup for me and baby but so far we are both looking good.

And before anyone asks, no we DO NOT know the gender and still plan to keep it a surprise. August will be here in no time though!

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