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A hard time with our children..

When we’re having a hard time with our children, it’s very easy for our thoughts to take a downward spin and for us to go into panic mode. We might start to think that our kids will never behave well or that we’re losing control and need to gain it back. Our thoughts may lead us down a path that makes our anxiety and stress worse-but the good news is that it’s our very thoughts that can help turn this around with some practice. ⁣

Reminding ourselves of how it isn’t an emergency, that all children exhibit this type of behaviour at some point, and that your kids aren’t the only ones behaving this way, in the moment can be tough but it really can help us regain our composure.⁣

I know it’s hard precisely in those moments where someone is crying, someone took someone else’s toy, fighting is happening, you don’t know who did what to who and the day is spinning out of control. I know I struggle with this daily. I’ll need to remind myself of these statements especially today while I have both of my kids home- it’s 8:00am and there’s already some fighting happening about something.⁣

And if you lose your composure mama, it’s not the end of the world. We can restart our day at any time and move on.⁣

What else helps you when you’re having a rough go with your kids?

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