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A poor understanding of child development.

The idea of “hardening up” children by restricting emotional nurturance and comfort and pushing children into situations they are not ready for is based on a poor understanding of child development.
Children who face early adversity and stressful life events are at increased risk for experiencing later mental health problems (the greater the number of adverse life events, the higher the risk of developing mental health problems). Early adversity includes having an insecure or unstable relationship with a caregiver.


Children who experience a secure relationship with their caregiver/s demonstrate increased resilience, are more able to regulate their emotions, bounce back more quickly from stressful events, and have a reduced likelihood of developing later mental health problems. Having a secure parent-child relationships provides children with a “second skin” that acts as a buffer against stress.

A secure parent-child relationship is a relationship based on sensitive attunement where the caregiver is able to accurately “read” their child’s emotional and physical needs and respond sensitively and appropriately to those needs.

The parent is able to regulate the child’s emotions to prevent the child from becoming overwhelmed. “Hardening up” is not what children need. Resilience develops from sensitive parenting which acts as a resource that children can draw from in order to cope with life’s ups and downs.


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