Anxiety Technique –

Anxiety Technique

Interesting thing about anxiety - it can be very visual, especially for kiddos.  Having them draw what's worrying them and causing them to feel fear does a couple of things:
💫puts boundaries on it, from the spinning of the brain to the limits of a paper
💫being artistic uses a different part of the brain, shifting away from anxiety
💫if they talk about their drawing with you, the talking and reflecting also gets the upstairs brain even more active, again decreasing the activation of the downstairs, anxious brain
💫if they talk about their drawing, it connects you as you are curious about it, their experience, and validate and "get it".
This drawing can be on a 📺 television screen outline, and then they can draw on a second TV outline how they want it to change.  This can be very empowering and I invite you to be playful with it, the more playful the better.  You can have them make a remote control or hold up a remote control you have and hold it at the picture and you can hurry and switch the papers as they change the channel, over and over again.
🧙‍♂️Another version, if your kiddos are Harry Potter fans, is the classic "Riddikulus!" Where they draw the first fear, then draw the funny thing the spell turns their fear into.  Like, if your son is scared of swimming because of possible sharks, he can draw a shark that turns into a beach ball that bounces over the water.  And again, they can make or you can find some kind of "wand" in your house and he can say the spell and you can switch the papers.  Have fun with it, get silly, and get them laughing!


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