Are you the parent of a tween? –

Are you the parent of a tween?

Are you the parent of a tween? This phase can be just as challenging as the teenage years. But how do we stay close to our tween as they embark on discovering their independence?

🌟Adapt your parenting. This sometimes means simply listening more and less trying to solve problems.
🌟Try and find moments to connect. Snuggles at night before bed is often the perfect opportunity for your daughter to feel comfortable opening up.
🌟Schedule mommy/ daughter time like baking something new together, go on a picnic, “window shop” on your computer, etc. 🌟Be more empathetic. Their bodies are changing which can cause moodiness over the littlest of things.
🌟Help her get as much sleep as possible. Tweens and teens benefit from 9 hours of sleep. Make sure she gets at least 9 hours of sleep.
🌟Have open and non-judgmental conversations about her body, relationships, and sex. It’s important that these conversations happen with you first and not their peers.
🌟Continue to reinforce self-esteem with body-positive messages.
Simply put, these years will be up and down, but it’s important that we remain calm. While they may look like young women, they have a lot of growing up to do emotionally.


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