Baby products must be SAFE. –

Baby products must be SAFE.

When it comes to baby products, first and foremost, it has to be SAFE, but I want the most functional and most convenient 🙌 It’s safe to say that little Miss Kaelah is lovin’ her new sleek Modern Solid Wood Baby High Chair from @be_mindful_kids Not only is it very functional and super chic with its wooden legs and grey padding, it has 3 amazing features: convertible design, removable feeding tray, and style.

I love how you can simply unlatch the top tray and take it over to the sink for a thorough, convenient cleaning. In the meantime, there’s a second tray underneath which is at attention for your little ones every day use.


The best part is that this high chair can convert into a comfortable cute child’s craft chair 🤗. Go check out all the beautiful and functional products that @be_mindful_kids has to offer for your little ones needs


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