Be happy now! –

Be happy now!

Of course there may be things in our lives that are causing us distress and we believe that once they are over or solved, we’ll be happy. What I’m referring to here is the mindset we sometimes find ourselves falling into in which we’re always waiting for the next thing to happen to get us to a happier state and we don’t focus on how we can be happy now.⁣

I’ve said this before in my posts that being happy all the time isn’t a realistic goal but happiness is obviously something we all strive to experience and maintain in our lives. It can really affect us however when our focus is only on what we’re missing in our lives that we think would make us happier. This mindset keeps us thinking that what we currently have isn’t enough and it becomes a cycle where we’re never satisfied or find that place of happiness and contentment because we’re always looking ahead to the next thing. ⁣

This mindset may have us thinking that we’ll be happier when our babies sleep better at night or when the tantrum phase ends or when they go to school and we get some of our freedom back or when we get our pre-pregnancy bodies back, etc. But what you may find is that all these things may happen, yet you’re still longing for that next thing to make you happy. ⁣

I know some phases in life are just pure hard and we’re pushing through until things get easier. But our mindsets have a significant impact on how we cope and how we feel. Once I realized that this mindset wasn’t helping me, I cultivated a “here and now”⁣
mindset, which wasn’t easy, however it had a large impact on how I felt. My mindset went from “I’ll be happy when....” to “what’s stopping me from feeling happy now and what can I do to help myself feel better?” Then I worked hard at doing the things that made me feel better instead of waiting for life circumstances to change. ⁣

Take a minute and think about what type of mindset do you find yourself in most of the time? Is it helping you feel better or is it standing in your way to a happier and more satisfying life?⁣


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