Beauty in the inside & outside. –

Beauty in the inside & outside.

Looking in on these two girls... I see the absolute beauty they both have. Inside & outside. Their beauty shines. And what’s even better. They truly believe it too. At their ages. They look in the mirror and don’t question themselves.

The person looking back at them is A ok! Perfectly perfect. Hair’s a mess! Oh well. Teeth are grimy. Who has time to brush anyway. Clothes are dirty. Put a sweater on to cover it up. They do one last look in the mirror and walk away happy with the person looking back. After all, there’s better things to do than worry. The trampoline needs jumping & the bike needs riding. At their age... their priorities are spot on. .

At some point us girls... we start picking apart flaws. Looking in the mirror & questioning everything, how our clothes fit, our weight, boob size, waist size, zit count, shade of hair, cut of hair, it eventually seeps into questioning our self worth. really it’s all pretty ridiculous. But it happens. That innocent absolutely perfect view of ourselves changes... .

Does it start from a comment from someone else? Is it our own worries that start the spiral of self doubt? Either way. It’s not ok. Damn those teenage years for wrecking our spirit. .

My heart hurts just thinking about it. I’m not ready for the day when they question those things... I’m going to belly up to this self love table. Show my girls how absolutely important it is to love ourselves. Just as we are. That quote... “I’m not beautiful like you, I’m beautiful like me” I want them to breathe in appreciation for every individual quality they each have... and when they doubt...

I’ll be behind them, reminding them that there’s only one of each of us... love that person. Respect her. Love her... & own it like you did as a kid♥️


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