BLESSED to be having such a different pregnancy this time around.

I swear it’s because I’m having a boy this time. Even though my doctor says that’s a total rumor that boy pregnancies differ from girl pregnancies. Honestly, scared to death of having another girl pregnancy after my first.

God knew I needed this one after the craziness of last year 🙏🏼 This week I’m focusing on getting our stuff together for our big trip and organizing all kinds of baby necessities before traveling.

Traveling with a baby is equivalent to packing up to move houses. You literally need that, and that, and that, and that. Loving everyday of our amazing bootcamp we have been doing.

Love hearing all of the changes my girls are starting to notice by committing to their 20 minutes a day. Consistency is where big changes happen. Sticking to my normal, healthy routine is essential to ground myself and to feel like the BOSS I need to be to survive this #momlife!
When I get that workout in, I feel SO much more productive, organized, and ready to take on the day.

Happy Monday friends! What do you do when life gets crazy to stay somewhat grounded?!


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