Children Absorbing Anger –

Children Absorbing Anger

We’ve had some great topics and awareness come up in The Peaceful Pathway coaching group these last couple of weeks.

One of them has been that we often aren’t aware of our own tone of voice/facial expressions until it’s pointed out to us.. Why is this important? Because children model us. A child senses their parents anger and distraction. And they absorb it.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀
Think back to your childhood or think about how you feel around some adults now. Can you relate? Do you sense their anger and then internalise it/ feel drained around it?⠀⠀
We’ve had examples of Moms sharing about how their children are super aware of their parents tone of voice. A couple of Moms have shared about how their children point out the tone that their Mom uses.⠀ ⠀

For example, when Mom is asking their child not to use a tone- their child is pointing out that their Mom uses a tone - the same tone they are asking their child to stop using. One Mom did something next that was loving and genius. She told her daughter to point out to her any time that she uses that tone. ⠀⠀
Talk about being humble! This is called doing the work ! This lovely lady is going to get the gift of healing. And she’s also going to to increase how connected her relationship with her daughter is.


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