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Time of anxiety

Let’s talk Coronavirus and anxiety. Your kids are probably home from school for a while. Talk to your kids in a calm way. 

”There is a cold that’s going around. The schools and museums want to keep people healthy. So they are keeping us at home so people aren’t spreading the cold.” 

”How are you feeling?”

Validate their feelings.

Answer their questions. Keep it general: most people that catch this cold get well after a week or two. It can be hard for old people. So we are being careful not to spread sickness.

With little kids let them draw their feelings.

Let them know what you as a family CAN do: wash hands, cover our mouths, drink water. 

Play as a family!

Anxiety takes a lot of energy. You can spend a lot of time worrying about what if’s, or you can be aware and control what you can. You can choose to spend that energy being present with your family.


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