Do you meditate? –

Do you meditate?

Do you meditate? Although Stella might be too young to understand the complete concept of meditation. Children are naturally mindful and for me, it’s not exactly the same purpose as adults, it’s more about learning relaxation strategies for when she feels overwhelmed, and learning to pay attention to the feelings in her body.

Studies have shown that teaching kids mindfulness practices can build students attentiveness, respect for fellow classmates, self-control, and empathy, all while reducing stress, hyperactive behavior, ADHD symptoms, and depression. In addition, grades are shown to improve for students who participate in mindfulness programs.

If you wanna give it a try I believe modeling is the best way to teach them, they will join you for sure, at least 10 secs at the beginning and hopefully, after a while, they will even ask to do it.

Another way you can start introducing mindfulness practices is reading books, Stella loves peaceful piggy meditation and moody cow meditates. And check out stories to see our new book!

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