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Emotional needs are universal.

Emotional needs are universal. We all have them, although some of us have stronger needs than others. The strength of our needs are influenced by factors such as our temperament.

Emotional needs include safety, secure and stable relationships, freedom to express our emotions, autonomy and a sense of identity, belonging to community, spontaneity and play, and realistic expectations.

In the same way that our well-being is impacted when our physical needs are not met, our well-being is affected when our emotional needs are not met.

Intense emotions can be important clues that our emotional needs are not being met. For example, we may experience anger in response to our autonomy being undermined or we may experience anxiety and sadness when our relationship security is threatened or fear when our safety is threatened.

Good emotional health and well-being across the lifespan depends on our emotional needs being fulfilled. Let’s repeat that, good emotional health and well-being depends on our emotional needs being fulfilled. Tuning-in to our emotions, and getting curious about whether our emotional reactions are pointing to unmet needs, can help us to make sense of our emotions *and* direct our attention to where things may be off or out-of-balance in our lives and where things need to change.

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