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Empathy helps you establish a warm relationship with your children; in turn, they grow up to be emotionally well-adjusted adults. And because they are securely attached to you, they will be more likely to adopt your values and model your behavior.

🌿Take a genuine interest in what your child is doing or saying, listen mindfully and don’t jump the gun. If there are errors in thinking, let us gently guide them towards the light with little judgement. Probe.

🌿And next time a tantrum occurs, I would like you to see the behavior as circumstantial. It could be hunger, tiredness or plain discomfort. Connect, then correct.

🌿Be also really mindful of your thoughts, speech and actions, for these are subtle lessons we give our kids. Children can see through our insincerity and they can tell if we truly appreciate the waiter who just served us.

🕊 Empathy is essential for a healthy emotional development and it is the primer for a lifetime of meaningful relationships.


This post was brought to you by @ourmindfulpod. More than a toy designer, be mindful is a community of parents who are going through the process of building the best denizens of next generation.  As such we encourage and delight in our community participating in our blog and social media efforts.  Your voice will be heard across our community and who knows which kid or which parent your wisdom will enlighten!  Feel free to email us at howdy@mindful-engineering.com or submit an inquiry on our site if you have a blog post idea you want to share!

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