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Far from perfect.

Our days as moms may be far from perfect and our days may unravel in a totally different way than we had hoped. We may feel as though we are engulfed in chaos and overwhelm some days, and other days might feel better, more manageable, and we feel like we’re even able to breathe better.⁣

I realized along my motherhood journey that if I wanted to feel less stressed and overwhelmed and enjoy motherhood, I had to learn to see the joys and pleasures surrounding me and be mindful of them when they were happening. Sure I may have had a very difficult moment or series of moments with my children or at work or while trying to manage it all, but if I look closely, if I pay attention, there were probably some hidden pleasures here and there that I didn’t even notice because I was too focused on all the things not going well.⁣

I’ve started noticing and enjoying the simple things all around me that accumulate and can perhaps even overcome the stress working its way into my mind. ⁣

There’s so much research out there about gratitude and the positive effects it has on our thoughts, our well-being, and quality of life. This shift in mindset to start focusing more on the positive rather than the negative is hard work and it’s what I do daily with my patients at work. I’ve seen the significant impact it can have on people’s moods and in reducing anxiety and stress and I have cultivated it into my life as well.⁣

What are some of the simple pleasures you’ve experienced recently?


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