Frenic: How Big Is This Thing? –

Frenic: How Big Is This Thing?

Our new hutch is placed in our bedroom where the lower level doors are open at all times! The hutch fits our two litter boxes perfectly. It’s big enough that we can claim our own separate levels yet snug enough that we can munch hay in the same area if we want to! The removable plastic floor bottoms on each level and the opening rooftop makes it easy for mom to clean up our messes. Also, mom likes that it’s not too big so it makes moving it around easier on her and she says that the woodwork is great! The smell of wood isn’t strong so it’s better for our little bunny noses and respiratory system.

Fun fact: Bunny hutches like ours should not be the sole space a bunny spends his/her day in. However, they can make a GREAT addition for a free roaming bunny! The levels of the hutch encourage us to go up and down the stairs and increase our daily exercise. We’ll talk more about this in later posts! The more you know! 📚 .

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