Get on their team!! –

Get on their team!!

“It’s time to leave!” Eek. And so begins the frustration for you, and the frustration for your toddler! For your kiddo, leaving something while they are happy and enjoying it, is a true struggle. How do we manage this monstrous hurdle? Get on their team!


Right before leaving the playground I like to jump into the action (if I can and if they let me). ☺️ This is the fastest way to get on their team! Show them you understand what fun they are having, and that you connect with them. Then it’s time to share the “I love playing school bus with you, it’s going to be fun to ride the bus yourself soon! But it’s time go in 5 minutes. Why don’t you “drive us home” and then it’s time to get in our real car and I’ll drive us home.” This gives them the chance to really process the next steps. Emphasize the fun while wrapping up. Maybe pretend to see all the same things he’ll see on the drive home.


When we’re on their team, it makes them feel secure and heard. Then transitioning to a new project or place might feel a little more manageable, for you both!


Posted by @transformingtoddlerhood on Instagram on August 7th. 

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