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Hello everybun!

Hello everybun! We wanted to show you our wicked pawsome new hutch from @be_mindful_kids ! It’s much bigger than our old hutch, with plenty of room for the two of us, but we still love cuddling together on the second floor 💕

Mom loves the color and how it’s waaay easier to get our litter box in and out thanks to the larger door. Each floor slides in and out, which makes for easy floor cleanup after we decide to redecorate using our hay 😉 The doors can be locked and unlocked via 2 adorable little dragonfly charms which makes it way harder for us to escape while mom and dad are at work 😒 (we learned how to undo the latch on our old hutch because we’re so smart 🤓)

Mom wishes she got this hutch before we started bonding. There’s a neat little feature that allows the two levels to be separated to create two separate enclosures, which can save room if you don’t want to have 2 separate cages during bonding, especially since the goal is to end up with just one anyways! Well we’re off to go nap again, hope you enjoyed our little tour! .


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