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I love escaping into nature

Yesterday's stomp in the woods was VERY much needed. I love escaping into nature - it helps me temporarily forget about all the life stuff that's going on. 

Fresh, clean air; the sound of the wind rushing through the leaves; moving my body; sunlight piercing through the trees and leaving a dappled pattern on the undergrowth below; watching the girls play football with their Dad on the field, shrieking with laughter and collapsing in uncontrollable giggles; and chats about anything and everything as we walked, our strides in rhythm and our arms and hands intertwined.

Reality is kicking in now as we look ahead to September and all the changes it's going to bring. I'm doing my best to soak up every last minute of summer (even the tough ones) before they go back to school.


One part of me will definitely be quietly rejoicing that I don't have to deal with the constant bickering and the other part will likely mostly be feeling a bit lost and lonely. Motherhood is such a beautiful mess of contradictions.

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