Important lessons I keep learning.. –

Important lessons I keep learning..

This week was a rough one for a variety of reasons and I’ll spare you the details but I wanted to share some important lessons I keep learning and it’s usually from tough weeks like these that I learn them or re-learn them.⁣

🌸Change is inevitable. We all go through several types of changes in our lives and I have a big change coming up in my life that I’m preparing for and which I’ve been having so many mixed feelings about. I kept reminding myself this week that what I’m feeling is totally valid and that sometimes changes or risks that we take end up being some of the best things that happen in our lives. I’ve learned to be more patient and expect that with any change comes a period of adjustment or unfamiliarity and sometimes even difficulty. Change isn’t always a negative thing- it can sometimes be just what we need.⁣

🌸We sometimes make things in our minds worse than they really are. I entered this week thinking about how hard it would be and it was difficult, but not as bad as I thought it would be. If you have something coming up in your life and you’re worried about all the things that may go wrong, just remember that sometimes our minds paint a picture that’s much worse than reality. ⁣

🌸It all passes. Deep breaths, self-care, seeking help/support when you need it, and self-compassion are often the keys to our survival during rough times. ⁣

What was something you learned after a tough experience you went through?


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