Is breastfeeding difficult? –

Is breastfeeding difficult?

When I had Happy, my first child, breastfeeding was difficult. I was engorged and yet I couldn't produce enough milk. I was in so much pains for the first two weeks and couple with the pain of my episiotomy and restructure. I was very sore.

We didn't want to introduce formula feeding yet so I followed the technique of "the more you put baby to breast, the more milk you produce" Well, it obviously didn't workout that way. What I kept getting was sore nipple! And so we decided to see a Dr who then suggested formula feeding to us. We had to embrace it as Happy wasn't feeding well and his birth weight dropped drastically.

Now, the issue was how often I get criticized each time I feed my baby in public. I will always hear things like "oh, why would you even introduce formula feeding at this early stage? That's not good enough". As a first time mom, I was depressed by all this comments and most times I cried. I feel like a failure already. I mean I've gat big boobs, so why ain't they producing enough milk for my baby. Then just when I thought I was losing it, I got a totally new mindset because, my baby was getting well fed and looks healthy and happy all the time and I'm so freaking proud.

Every mother has the right to decide for herself without judgement. I absolutely know breastfeeding is the best so I don't need to be lectured. They might be curious as to why I don't breastfeed but that's my business and I owe no one no explanation! Let's not forget its 2018 and formula is a perfectly good option and no baby needs to starve. Be kind.

All thanks to @saraaemiliee for this picture. Breastfeeding or formula feeding.... whatever you are doing and trying, I want you to know that you are doing great, mama!

With Love,


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