Isn’t this the truth? –

Isn’t this the truth?

Isn’t this the truth? Let me explain. When I carve out time or tap into my supports so that I can dedicate some time to caring for myself, everyone in my family wins. My children will reap the benefits of a mother who feels better, feels more refreshed, happier, and relaxed.⁣

When I prioritize my well-being, it reinforces the message in my mind that I matter too. It reinforces that I am also deserving of care and raising my children shouldn’t mean working myself into a burnt out state every single day. It means quieting those thoughts that tell us we’re being selfish, that further perpetuate our guilt.⁣

Self-care comes in many forms. It can be a 15 minute walk/drive by yourself. It can be browsing at a bookstore or at the mall. It can be going to see a physiotherapist or massage therapist. It can be going up to your room and laying down for a bit because we all know we could use some of that. It could be avoiding certain people or places that make us feel bad about ourselves. It could be having an open and honest conversation with your partner about what you need from him⁣
to enable you to have more opportunities for self-care.⁣

As a side note, I’m very careful when talking about self-care that I never make it seem like it’s the mother’s fault for feeling burnt out and not tending to her needs. That is the last thing I ever want to convey. I talk about self-care from the standpoint of “it’s ok to put your needs with everyone else’s.” “It’s ok to voice your needs and have them met.” “It’s ok to have some time to yourself, your kids will be fine.” And I always talk about how as a society we need to support mothers to enable them to care for themselves.⁣

Self-care is a start to helping mothers overcome their feelings of overwhelm, among many other emotions that mothers experience along their journeys. It’s a start, and some self-care is better than none.⁣

What can you start doing today to tend to your needs?


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