I love this little being more than anything. I feel like we have hit a really FUN age. She is almost two (say what?!?)!

The first year was realllly long.... Like I mean really long. It was exhausting, I felt like we could never catch a break... she was gassy and colicky, then she would hit a growth spurt, then a “wonder week”, then she would get sick, then teething... all on repeat. It was SO hard and I wasn’t sure I was cut out for this.

pic by @joyphotographycmpany

pic by @joyphotographycompany

MAMA, if you are feeling this way just know you are not alone. The first year is filled with really high highs and really low lows, it is a rollercoaster ride. I questioned myself as a person, as a woman, as a wife and as a mother. I wondered why people would choose to have more than one child. I just couldn’t see the joy yet.

Now I see. I see how amazing it is to listen to your child talk, to have conversations with something you made (crazy!) ... I see how much love she brings to everyone she meets and our whole extended family... I see how proud you can feel when she is kind and polite to others. I see why children bring so much joy in to life.

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