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Let’s talk POTTY TRAINING 💩 we started training Henry three weeks ago and it’s been a rollercoaster - the manageable not throwing up at the end kind of rollercoaster 🙈 from the beginning he’s been super excited and interested!

He pretends to push really hard and half the time will get some stuff out! 😂 He actually started saying “go” so we will leave the room and he can do his business in private 😎 • I’ve been peed on more times than I can count and we’ve had one poo “incident” so far (running baby and 💩 everywhere) but potty training is actually going okay for Henry.

Ethan is potty trained but still has issues going number 2- I think Henry seeing his big bro going through this at the same time is making him more interested and eager to learn! 

We also have been loving this moby potty from @be_mindful_kids 😍 Henry can easily take the lid off and do his business on a super cute potty 🐳 . It’s also really easy to clean and makes potty training a lot less intimidating! What are your tips for potty training a toddler!?

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