Life is beautiful! –

Life is beautiful!

Do you remember what it is like to feel as lite as a little bird falling into the arms of your daddy? ... I do, and I loved it.

Even though I’m a mom of four, a wife, an entrepreneur, I sometimes get a little teary at the thought that I can’t be a little girl anymore. A little girl thrown up in the air by her papa and cuddles in the arms of both her parents. Now I’m far away from home starting a new life with this little family of 6...I sometimes can’t believe I have these 4 children & they are ours forever. -

Life is a mystery of its own, just the other day one was a child, a teen, had a crush, studied, got married, or goes through life and then one realizes that one really has gotten older but is actually still the same spirit being as one was as a child. My conclusion: Life is beautiful! 

I have joy watching my husband with our children... And hope they have the same connection with their dad as i have to mine. Through this connection i can say I feel connected to the heavenly. 

That said, now tell me... What if we would dare to be free like a child, what if we dared to trust. What if we dared to fall into the unknown...what if we had faith like a child...what if we realized the heavenly. What if we fell into the arms of our heavenly creator...what if heaven was real....


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