Living Mindfully: Here's what to do after a tough and busy week. –

Living Mindfully: Here's what to do after a tough and busy week.

Too often, we see images on social media that make us feel like everyone else has got it together. Lately, I’ve felt anything but put together as a mom. Jack and Kate are going through what seems to be their next developmental leap and things are crazy around here.


This week has been a roller coaster of emotions with melt downs left and right because of the smallest things. I have felt like I’m putting out small fires throughout the day, most days. I am not perfect and at times, these moments get the best of me. Remembering that this phase won’t last forever, deep breaths, and then random silly moments bring us around full circle. 


I am totally guilty of posting all the cute pics, but we all know that life isn’t perfect (for anyone) and that tantrums, meltdowns (our kids and our own), and frustrations are the real real. However, there is always light to balance the dark.


So while the week has been tough, today, I had a day that made my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. We took the twins to the zoo for their second time (the first time they were in their double stroller) and we packed them in our new Mindful Engineering Backpacks.




They had so much fun and were able to see so much more and seeing their reaction made me smile. Life is so much bigger than we recall when we are dealing with our daily stressors. Weather was on point and we had a picnic afterwards. It is days like this that I hope to remember in those tough moments as a mom. Oh yeah, and you better believe we packed our favorite safer, Beautycounter sunscreen!


Happy 17 months Jack and Kate!! <3




*Written by @lizhealthcoach1 and posted on Instagram on May 5th. 

Milan Rousset

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