Mommy guilt is real! –

Mommy guilt is real!

It's a simple fact of physics that as a working mom I'm not going to witness every single minute of my children's day.

Mommy guilt is real and being a working mom is extremely difficult. It's a constant juggling act, and not a day goes by that I don't question my choice.

But do I feel guilty about loving what I do for a living and providing financial security for my family??? Absolutely not!

A perfect work-life balance probably doesn’t exist, but there’s no shame in striving to equalize it as best as I can, both for me and for my family.

Apart from being a mom and a working woman, you’re also YOU. Taking time to care for yourself is the best way to recharge and be more efficient, both personally and professionally. Stress, frustration, and fatigue are all ways to further exhaust yourself from your daily duties. Draw a bath, read a book, get some exercise, or even meditate; all it takes is a mere 10 minutes to decompress and feel rejuvenated.

Trust me, the dishes can wait while you tend to yourself, and they won't feel like such a burden after you've been able to clear your head. You cannot pour from an empty pot. .


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