Motherhood can feel relentless at times. –

Motherhood can feel relentless at times.

Motherhood can feel relentless at times. The constant planning, shopping, meal making, cleaning, re-cleaning, tidying, packing, unpacking, laundry...

It feels never-ending. And it is. Even when we are resting, our minds are not. Even when we are working, have a night out with friends, watching a show on Netflix, are running errands solo, on a date night, our minds have a million little plans, reminders and logistics to work through.

It can be exhausting! We need to search for ways to recharge and find moments of peace. Some of my moments are found in a yoga class, a walk with my dog...moments where I drop the chores and play with my kids, a long shower at night, writing, or reading.

I may not be able to clear my mind for the entire activity but I do get moments. Getting into nature can also help. What do you do to stay sane while keeping up with your mundane?


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