My darling dragon, NON TK-BABY! –

My darling dragon, NON TK-BABY!

Bennett is a July baby, also known as the “you don’t get TK” baby or also known as the “youngest or the oldest” in your class depending on what your parents decide to do baby.

I’ve seriously stressed about this since Bennett was born... Maybe more so because I’m a teacher myself 🤷‍♀️ I was a “younger” kid in school and would like to think I turned out OK, ha ha! But... I’m just not that keen on him being the youngest every single year and graduating at 17. I did. I was fine. But gosh, I don’t know. I can’t picture this THE year before kindergarten... when all the neighbor kids who are lucky enough to be in TK... will be extra prepared, going to school daily their whole year before kinder...  


I know everyone says just wait to see how this year goes, but gosh, I’d really just like to know now... unknowns aren’t my favorite. I have friends and family who have started their summer babies at 5 and then those who waited till 6, & both seem happy about their decisions... I know schools & districts all have a different opinion on the matter as well, which doesn’t help! I think some parents get pressured, not knowing the actual laws.

I guess there will always be pros & cons to every situation, so I’m just hoping, praying that we make the RIGHT decision for Bennett... whatever that may be. I get everyone has their opinion based on their child, sometimes boy vs girl, sometimes based on maturity, size, academic interest, etc...
Most people will say- do what you feel is best, which is totally what we are going to do, but I’m curious how you decided for your summer kiddo?? 🤷‍♀️😬 Oh, and I’m just all giddy that I don’t have to decide this for Kennedy because she made the TK cut-off by 3 days!!! 😆🙌


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