How do you raise your kids mindfully? –

How do you raise your kids mindfully?

With the busy agenda of any working mother is so easy to forget the importance of nurturing the sense of inner peace of your children, make them feel secure and confident and specially comfortable with themselves.
There are so many activities we can utilize to raise mindful kids, these are some I practice:
-Getting outdoors (I try to at least go for a walk around the neighborhood a few times a week with all 3 kids)
-Praise them and give them affection, even if they are in that phase where they don't want mommy too close to them in front of their friends.
-Consistently hold boundaries, but also listen to them.
-Help them set realistic goals.
How do you raise your kids mindfully? 


This amazing baby chair is from @be_mindful_kids is the perfect midcentury style that works with any decor. Most of my furniture is white and this just blends in with the rest of the house without even looking like a typical baby chair.
We love it!

Posted by @growing_enzo on Instagram on August 6th.  

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