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Potty training TIPS needed!

About to dive into attempt #2 of potty training soon & I need ALLLLL the tips from my momma friends. ⁣

Liv did pretty well the first try but shut down on day three. I think I pressured her too much and she in return digressed & pushed away from the potty. ⁣

We have our adorable Moby whale potty from @be_mindful_kids and a princess potty watch from @pottyfunto make things more exciting!⁣

Drop all your tips here please & if you don't have advice, kind words and wine would help too.


  • @ets_do_this726: Honestly I tried with my kids and my son pushed back. Daughter wouldn’t poop for the longest time in the potty. When I backed off and just let it go. They both did it on their own basically. It was so much easier. We read potty books and watched Elmo’s potty time movie frequently. To see the idea but not push it really. My son just wanted to one day. Same with my daughter. She woke up wanting her big girl panties one day and so we ran with it.
  • @sarahslambo: You’re not behind! The average potty training age is much later than 2.5 now! It’s more like 3.5 (something like 75 percent of children) I’d let her take her time and just positively encourage.
  • @isabelfehn_eats: All kids have their own pace you’re not doing anything wrong !
  • @asheniknak39: One thing I love about being a sahm is I don't feel I have to pressure my daughter or push her to learn faster. My daughter has been potty trained for a little over 2 months. She is 3.5. I honestly felt like my daughter was going to go into kindergarten in a pull-up! Lol! I quit trying with the floor potty and got her a spuddies toilet seat that goes on the actual toilet. She loves it and did so good when she was ready. It took a week and it was HELL but I didn't give up. I tried when Ava was 2.5 it went no where just a bunch of screaming crying and me feeling like I'm failing. If I could go back I wouldn't of tried so hard then. I'm glad I stopped and waited for her to be ready. Don't give up mama and she is soooo not behind.

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