Rolling in to Monday like.. –

Rolling in to Monday like..

Rolling in to Monday like...
But in all seriousness, the last two weeks have had some tough moments. Between little miss’s high fever, rainy cold days, and this terrible bug hitting me for four full days, January has not been my favorite.

The boys were def feeling all my frustration too. Sometimes our house is like a war zone. The sibling competition is for real. They love each other something fierce. But the claws sure do come out when everyone is cooped up.

And when those moods start to make my eye twitch, or it’s a sunny day even if it’s cold, or even if I have to stop 4 times in 2 hours on our walk to find a bathroom 🤭, we get outside! I must to survive.

Getting outside in cold temperatures is proven to strengthen the immune system. And we all know sunshine is good for Vitamin D. But one thing we are focusing on with the kids this year is good old fashioned play. You know, the games we all played at family barbecues. Or just being able to ride our bikes around the block. Or a great game of Tug of LOVE, Dad against the kids ;) Focusing their competitive energy out of the house and into nature.

Today, our walk and some good outdoor play was what they all needed. Mama too! Here’s to letting littles be little and getting outside no matter the temps.

PS: I’m absolutely obsessed with @be_mindful_kids and their line of outdoor play and games! Their #TugOfLove is one of our favorite things to pack up as we head to the park. It’s so much fun to watch them try with all their might and get that energy flowing. We usually attract other friends at the park to play too. Great way to meet new friends when you first move some place ;) Their eco conscious design is wonderful and the rope is very soft for little hands. It’s a family must.


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