Separation anxiety is normal. –

Separation anxiety is normal.

Is dropping your toddler off at preschool or leaving him with the sitter a nightmare? Separation anxiety at this age is perfectly normal.
Toddlers are designed to want to spend time with people that they are attached to; so it’s our job to help them find ways to bond with their caregivers.

Here are some helpful tips:
❤️ Start with short separations.
❤️ Help him get comfortable with the new situation by letting him have a good experience with the new caregiver in your presence. This just takes a little facilitating on your part.
❤️ Develop a parting routine. Kids feel secure when they know what’s going to happen ahead of time.
❤️ Let him bring his favorite toy or special lovey to school.
❤️ Communicate. Explain to him that you are leaving but that you will be back soon and reinforce that when you do come back. Having a dialogue prepares them. .
Be patient. Realize that it can sometimes take a few days or even a couple of weeks, but eventually, the drop off is much easier.


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