Sexist comments have got to stop! –

Sexist comments have got to stop!

While traveling home from a work trip, a woman on my flight noticed me editing and started asking questions about my business. At first, she was so supportive and complimentary. “How amazing” she said, “to travel for photography.”

Said my photos made her want to get married all over again. Unfortunately, as soon as she found out I was a mom, the conversation changed. Comments like “you don’t want to forget what your kids look like” and “is your husband at home playing mom?”



I truly cannot believe that we are still having these conversations. It’s almost 2019 and somehow it’s STILL not ok for a mom to be working, or heaven forbid, traveling for work.

Last time I checked, it takes both a mom and a dad to create a human, so why are these comments and conversations ever ok? My husband doesn’t “play mom” because he’s a damn good dad. And I’m a damn good mom.

A mom who built a successful business from the ground up, does something she loves, and is providing for her children. I’m married to a man who puts in just as much work in our family as I do.

He changes just as many diapers, gives just as many kisses, feeds just as many mouths, works just as hard (or harder!) outside the home...

He’s not acting like a mom. He’s being a dad. These sexist comments have got to stop. I want my son AND daughter to grow up believing in their dreams.


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