Some days are just sooo hard. –

Some days are just sooo hard.

No one listens. Everyone cries.
Everything you try feels like it fails.

What is the point? Why keep trying when nothing works?

When you are in this state it is hard to stay grounded and take care of your kids emotionally let alone yourself. So it is important to take a break, calm yourself down and remind yourself that this will pass. You aren't failing. Parenting is just that hard sometimes.
By allowing yourself time for you to calm down, rest and recentre you can then be more calm for your kids.

Because being there for them on the hard days is hard work. If you dont take care of you it will all feel too much. And the last thing they need is for you to feel so burnt out you give up.

So remember to rest, and take time for yourself so you can then be there for them. ☆

Hi my name is Brooke Shelton and I'm an accredited AMHSW and a perinatal, child & family therapist. I've been working with parents and families for over a decade and I have kids of my own.

If you would like more help with this idea then please request to join my attachment based reflective parenting facebook group (pregnancy, birth and beyond) because I believe all of us parents need more help and support at times. Link on main insta page if you want to join 😊.

If you would like more specific support, then please contact me for a consultation either face to face at my clinic in Coorparoo or online.


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