Sunday’s are for snuggles! –

Sunday’s are for snuggles!

Sunday’s are for snuggles!
I never expected to be a rainbow mom. I really never expected to have to explain this to the girls one day. I know some may think “why tell them at all?”. It’s just not me. I’m not a very private person especially when it comes to struggles. One thing you may not know is one of the main reasons I’m a rainbow mom is because of a genetic condition.


When going through IVF I discovered I have a Balanced Translocation of my chromosomes. Since this is a genetic condition unfortunately means the girls could have it. This weighs on my mind A LOT! This is the biggest reason for me feeling the need to share when the time is right. Part of me wonders will the hate me for passing on such a sad fate? Will they feel sadness for the siblings they lost? But in the mean time I’ll just enjoy the years they think I’m the coolest mom because we match in our rainbow pjs!


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