The meaning behind the word “Mom” –

The meaning behind the word “Mom”

What does it really mean to be a mom? I remember being a young girl, keeping to myself a majority of the time for many different reasons, and wondering how it would feel to have a child. I always knew i would be a mom one day.

I dreamed about becoming a parent. I dreamed of creating mini Meagan’s so they could be my forever friends. I dreamed of making people that I could trust and love and snuggle with anytime i wanted! I had high hopes for my future for quite a while. Mainly because i was led to believe that i HAD to make something of myself in an expensive field. I thought i HAD to become a lawyer or a doctor or a scientist.

I was led to believe this because it’s what was always expected of me. I didn’t have an easy childhood. I don’t have many fond memories of laughter and constant love. What i do remember is telling myself that everything i was doing, the way i was living my life and coping was enough. It had to be enough to get me through all the crap. No matter how negatively i looked at things at that time, i knew God had a better plan for me. I just had to get through all the bad to get to the good first. So eventually i began getting to the point where i knew i needed to take action. I had to get away from all of the people that wanted to make me into something i wasn’t. I had to become the person i knew deep down i was supposed to be. And i was right. I am supposed to be a mom. I am supposed to live my life exactly the way i have been because these are my best years.

These are the prime years of my life that i will always remember. I will never forget the travel, the family outings, the pregnancies, the babies i gave birth to, the love i was shown by a few friends and family members, the hugs and kisses my kids randomly gave me just because i gave them life, the cookies i burned trying so hard to make to perfection for my minis, the holidays where we opened presents and laughed so hard until we cried.

I will NEVER forget these moments because these are some of the best memories i have ever had in my entire life. I have 25 years of both good and bad memories. But i can honestly say the best ones have been spent with my son and my husband and soon the little girl in my belly will be here to help make those memories so much sweeter. So, let’s answer the original question. What does it really mean to be a mom? In my experience, being a mom means putting someone ahead of yourself. It means hearing a heart beat from inside your own body (or just in your arms if you haven’t had an actual pregnancy) that isn’t your own.

Being a mom means having unconditional love and kindness. It means teaching and taking care of someone else not because you HAVE to but because you want to. Because you made the choice to make a child so it is your responsibility to make that child into someone with passion, love, respect. When i think about what it means to be a mom, i think about the experiences i went through as a child. No, they’re not happy memories.




But here’s the thing…sometimes going through rough experiences helps you to learn what NOT to do. It helps you to become a better person, a better mother, a better wife, etc. How did i learn to become a mother? Well first off let me just say that a mother, heck any parent really, we never really fully know what we’re doing when it comes to raising children.

After you have a baby every single day is a learning experience. But i can honestly say that i started learning how to be a mom from my own biological mother. She taught me how i should treat my own kids because she never treated me how i should have been treated as her daughter. I was given up for adoption at 7 years old. Sounds weird right? Well it was an extremely weird and unfortunate situation. One i will never forget. It’s not that my memories before he age of 7 were great, they definitely weren’t. It’s the fact that after i was abandoned by my biological mother, things just continued to get worse and worse. I wanted to give up so many times. Too many times really. But i didn’t. I knew God wanted me to keep moving forward. And ever since i had my first son, i understand why. If anything i should thank my biological mother i suppose. Sure she could have treated me better and more like a daughter than just a dollar sign or someone that wasn’t really hers anymore. Sure that probably would have made life a whole lot easier if i had a better mother figure in my life. But here’s the thing, any way you look at it, i learned.

I learned what NOT to do when being a parent. And i didn’t just learn it from her. I learned it from my biological father also who wasn’t always the greatest dad. So to be a mom is something special to me. I don’t take the job lightly and i certainly don’t take my babies for granted. I fell in love the day i found out i was pregnant with my son and the day i found out i was pregnant with my daughter.

I may not be a perfect mom but i try my best and i do everything i can to ensure my babies happiness. Before you become a mom, really make sure you want. Really make sure it’s what God wants for you. I never hesitated after i found out about the pregnancies with my little boy and this current little gal in my belly. When you know, you know. Good luck on your journey to motherhood/parenthood. Continue praying and God will provide your answer when he sees fit. And if you feel like you’re not getting an answer, take it as a sign from God that it’s not the right time for whatever it is you’re wanting.

But never stop praying. In my darkest days AND my brightest days I’ve always had God but my side and he’s NEVER let me down. He will do the same for you! Happy Tuesday y’all! Stay positive and remember, you got this!


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