The perfect play house for our bunnies. –

The perfect play house for our bunnies.

We have been searching and searching for the perfect hidey house/play house for the bunnies and this nice bunny house came along! It’s a 2-level hutch, with a hay rack, lined floors, and pretty dragonfly latches. The floors can be removed (via a drawer-like mechanism) for easy cleaning. We like the colors as well, classic grey and white. 💕

Assembly is easy once you get the hang of it. It’s long enough so the bunnies can hop 3-4 times and high enough for them to stand on their hind legs and not touch the ceiling. For reference, all of our bunbuns are considered dwarves and weigh about 2-4 lbs each, so we can’t speak for the bigger rabbits. We have the bottom level doors open for the bunnies so they’ll be able to come in and out as they please 24/7. 🏠


Taro, our differently-abled bunny, does have difficulty with the sleekness of the floor/tray, but we just put fleece throws so he has more traction. The bunbuns like hanging out in the hutch so far and we think it’s a great addition for play and enrichment. The roof is slightly sloped and coated with a rubbery material. We plan to use it as a countertop for grooming the bunnies. You can fit a standard size litter box on the first level as well, if you want to be more discrete about the whereabouts of your bunbun’s litter box. 😊


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