There is good in every day. –

There is good in every day.

Every day may not be good but there is good in every day. I worry sometimes about how my life looks like on these squares to other mama’s. It might be that all you see is that I’m living a dreamy little island life.

If you know me personally you will be able to read between the lines.... if you are wise you understand that being a wife, lover, friend, mother, educator, nurture, homemaker, trainer.... is never perfect. There have been so many nights this month that Erick has held me while I’ve cried out my overwhelmed soul.

Worries, doubts, loneliness, discontentments, dreams that seems far off, guilts about my less than perfect parenting skills, realizations of who I am, the challenge of still getting use to the daily difference of life here... all these are an unspoken,unphotographed part of my life. I want to remind you that this is the version of my life that CAN’T be fully seen by you.

Most of you don’t know me... I don’t know most of you. And unless you spent countless hours talking with me this space will probably look very sunny. I just want the other young mama’s who have messaged me telling me they wish they had my life to remember that you don’t know someone on Instagram!! You see pictures. Filters. Carefully chosen words. And that is all. Be wise about who you follow on here. If their feed drags down your soul...

IF MY feed gives you discontentment.... maybe just unfollow, take a moment to remember that you are on a journey, it’s yours and there is so much good ahead! My life is so good!! But Some of my days are hard and I lean heavy on listening to hymns or taking a moment to read a psalm, I’ve had days where I’ve call my husband 7- 8 times in a day because I’m lonely here.... I am... my babies have watched too many episodes of “ puffin rock” just so I can wash dishes in peace. I’m a mama just like most of you.

And if we lived closer I’d hope we could really be friends...for reals. Now today is just beginning for me. We are going to the beach to meet with a new friend, a first time mama from Germany and I know today is going to be extra long, Erick might be gone till dark today.... but today will have good in it! Tell me about your day!


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