They Will Know They’re Never Alone –

They Will Know They’re Never Alone

It doesn’t matter where we are - together or separate. Location is irrelevant, I know this. It is possible to feel completely alone while being surrounded by family. It’s in the stripping away and opening up where connection is found. Where you never feel alone, no matter where you are.

They will see me cry and hear of my mistakes, and then they’ll watch me own up to them. They’ll witness arguments between my husband and I, and then see how we remedy it (or don’t). Learning how to love deeply, apologize earnestly, and let go of ego. They’ll witness goals, dreams, loves and hopes, to life.

I want to give my kids permission to be everything they can be, everything they want to be, and embrace who they are at their core. Even when it’s messy, even when they don’t want to. I will hold their hand and they’ll hold mine as we navigate his world together. Different tracks, different seasons, yet fingers intertwined and released through it all. Compress and release, over and over.

Understanding darkness versus light so deeply, they can feel it with their eyes closed. Sensing truths without having to look them up.

They will know now, and when I’m gone, that they’re never alone in the wilderness that is life.


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