Tips for a better life/work balance –

Tips for a better life/work balance


Set days and times that you are unavailable. You can for example stop checking work updates, emails, ... after 20h on week days. And during the weekend only allow yourself a short status check in the morning or evening. if necessary, it would be ideal if you can totally unplug for the entire weekend of course.


Sometimes we feel to tired to workout. Excersice gets pushed back to the end of the priority list. So set small goals like a short walk or bike ride, maybe a 20 minute yoga or meditation session. Small and simple things to do that don't require any equiment or money. You'll see you don't only use energy when exercising, it can also give you energy back!


It can be hard getting work done without getting disturbed by colleagues, incoming mails or phone calls,.. Put a couple of time slots in your agenda that are for undisturbed work. If possible book a small meeting room and set up shop there, so you have no distractions. Close your mailbox and leave your phone at your desk. This way you can get the things at the top of your to-do list done. If you can't fysically move, put a headset on (people are less likely to start talking to you when you have a headset on) and put your phone on silent.


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