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We rise by lifting each other up!

I think we all should know by now that everyone’s Instagram is just the highlight reel of their life.

I’m not sorry about it! And neither should you. There’s so much goodness in celebrating and focusing on the POSITIVE in our lives.

But in case you thought our vacation and holiday were filled with only magical moments and always happy children, here’s the stuff not pictured:
+ One very clingy baby. Yeah, agreed there’s worse problems to have. And I’m soaking in all the baby snuggles during this very short season. But it’s extremely hard to get anything done, like eat or go to the bathroom, when your baby needs to be glued to you to not cry.
+ Countless meltdowns by my very independent, opinionated toddler... resulting in meltdowns myself and wishing I could lock myself in a dark room and just lay in bed.
+ Feelings of loneliness, anger, frustration, defeat, and sadness... and exhaustion.
+ Moments of shame after I yell at my toddler.

I don’t share any of that for pity, I don’t need it. But as a reminder that we’re all human.

We all have sin and yucky stuff in our lives. Even if they’re not tossed out for the whole world to see... they’re there.

You know your whole story... don’t compare it to snapshots of everyone else’s 💖.

BUT... go ahead celebrate your positives 🙌🏼 shed light on them and thank the Lord for all He is doing! Go alongside others and celebrate their positives too!

We rise by lifting each other up! And what you focus on matters.

This post was brought to you by @jessielmccartyMore than a toy designer, be mindful is a community of parents who are going through the process of building the best denizens of next generation.  As such we encourage and delight in our community participating in our blog and social media efforts.  Your voice will be heard across our community and who knows which kid or which parent your wisdom will enlighten!  Feel free to email us at howdy@mindful-engineering.com or submit an inquiry on our site if you have a blog post idea you want to share! 


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