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What to Do With Your Toddler During Corona Virus COVID-19

If you have a child who is under 2 or 3 and is not potty trained yet, take social distancing as an opportunity to potty train your babe!
Not only will she feel proud of herself but you’ll have the added benefit of being less reliant on your next diaper delivery!
Here are some steps you can take:
For starters talk to your babe. Let him or her know what your planning on doing!  Think about introducing a potty book into your nightly reading regime.
Explain to your little one the function of their body parts and what happens inside of their body and why animals poop and pee. Talk to them about the sensation they may be feeling when they “need” to pee.

Now that you’ve prepped your babe for what is coming, plan on spending the next week or two with your child running around completely naked (or at the very least naked from the waist down!) Key here is that you want to immediately catch the babe anytime he or she makes a mistake and immediately take them to the potty.  You want your baby to start to associate the feeling of having to pee with getting themselves to the potty.
A lot of super-parents say it’s easier during this time to give your child liquids in a more structured manner and to time “potty time” throughout the day according to their liquid schedule. For example, if you give your child liquid at 10am, to plan on pre-emptively placing them on the potty at 10:45.
Once a toddler has a successful discharge in their potty it should be a fun and exciting moment. Many parents reward the action by giving stickers or a treat. For sure you want to celebrate the “win” by hugging and kissing your little pooper.  
If you haven’t already purchased a potty we recommend ours! The Moby Potty is a beautiful product and is very approachable (even fun) for your toddler to get started with on their adventure toward poopy-diaper-independence.
These are challenging times, that is for sure! However, this too shall pass and wouldn’t it be nice to be free from diapers!

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