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What's your trigger?

What's your trigger? Mine is whining. And trying to get out the door on time. These are the moments I lose my patience the fastest. Moments when I want to lash out and let my "lizard" brain get the best of me. I want her to do what I say, I want her to change her behavior, I want to teach her how *I* think she should behave....

I have to remind myseld that motherhood has nothing to do with changing my child, or her behavior. Nothing. For me, motherhood is about changing MYSELF, and MY behavior. Constantly working on staying the calm, capable mom I know I can be. Constantly meeting my child where she is, rather than attempting to mold her into who *I* want her to be. Constantly asking myself, WHY is this triggering me? Is this something from my own childhood that I have unresolved feelings about it? Do I need more self care? Is my child expressing a need I've missed? Is my child seeking more closeness?


Over time I've found that changing my perspective is the key to handling situations better. When I stop focussing on what my child is doing wrong, and start focussing on what I can do right, we almost always seem to navigate our most frustrating moments with a bit more ease.

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