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Why this is the perfect baby carrier?

Being outdoors is such an important part of my family's life, between camping, the dunes, hiking, or just being out in our yard.

Its always been a top priority of my husband and I to stop and take the time to spend with the kids and also to instill the love of just enjoying the fresh air and scenery

Every camping trip we try to do at least one hike, and in the fall we get even more in because we all enjoy the cool air the most

Hiking this weekend was so much easier and even more enjoyable with our new • Be Mindful Retro Scout Baby Carrier Backpack by @be_mindful_kids

This carrier offered me the perfect amount of support to carry my sweet 30lbs of babe easily along with me

The ease of popping out the stand to gently slide her down into the carrier was wonderful, I could get her all strapped in and adjusted before carefully swinging her up onto my shoulders. I know she was way more than comfy (as you can see here haha) because she ended up dozing off towards the end of the hike

As a mom another one of my favorite aspects that we didnt have to use was that it comes with a shade attachment with a optional rain cover to attach to that as well. Then the very back had a detachable mini backpack that worked perfect as a diaper bag, with 3 little ones this is a huge feature to me!


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