You’re a good girl/boy. –

You’re a good girl/boy.

Hw about this praising thing we do with our kids?
You’re a #good girl/boy
You’re an #awesomeballerina//singer/athlete
You’re so #thoughtful .....= the evaluative praise - the built in problem?

The more extravagantly the less I will get through. Because it can lead to immediate denial, doubting the praiser (me in this case), it can be experienced as manipulation etc.

One of the solutions:
= the descriptive praise....when you describe what you see they will praise themselves because you are really looking, really listening, really noticing! It’s just about being real.

The effect is #profound. Bon siman!

WELL that’s a challenge for me who is not keen at explaining and love to use as less words as possible towards my kids ( a cultural thing).


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